– President of C.I.LP. ITALIA –

Rome Bar Association: N. registration : A31000
Office Location: Roma
Email: antonio.pulcini@cilp-italia.com
Pec: antonio.pulcini@pec.it
Phone: +39 06 37 25 937

Lawyer at the Court of Rome, with patronage in front of the superior judiciary.

He deals with banking and tax law, from a civil and criminal point of view.
Former lover of Law of Local Authorities at the University of Cassino and Member of the Subcommittee for the BAR Exam of the Session 2016.

Academic Member of AEREC (European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations – Department of the National Body for the Enhancement of Industry, Commerce and Crafts) and Supporting Member of the Court of Dreyfus (Victims of Justice) from 16.3.2015.


  • Knight of the Order of the Grand Master, Prince Roberto Spreti Malmesi Griffo Focas of Kefalonia of Saint Helena Empress, with appointment of 12.5.2018.
  • Since 2015, President of the National Bank Anti-Usury Forum.
  • Former Member of the Supervisory Body of the company Tirreno Ambiente S.p.A.
  • He has held the role of teacher for safety in relation to the applicable legislation in the topic of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008.
  • He has collaborated in and published various legal texts:
    • “Guide to the phenomenon of electromagnetic pollution” (“Guida al Fenomeno dell’inquinamento elettromagnetico”) – year 2001 – by Prof. Att. Enrico Michetti.
    • “Administrative simplification” (“La semplificazione amministrativa”) – 2003 – by Prof. Att. Enrico Michetti.
    • “Commentary on the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape” (“Commento al codice dei beni culturali e del paesaggio”) – 2006 – by Prof. Avv. Enrico Michetti.
  • Co-author of the text “Mediation. Fields of application and prospects for reform” (“La mediazione. Campi di applicazione e prospettive di riforma”) – November 2012 – publisher Primiceri Editore.
  • Co-author of the book “Money to the people” (“La moneta al popolo”) – December 2012 – publisher Aurora Borealis.
  • Co-author of the text “Juristas do Mundo” – Publicacao officia do XI Encontro Internacional de Juristas – Italy 2014 – Publicacoes Juridacas.
  • He collaborated in the drafting of the book “The financial crises and the battle of a Senator of the Republic” (“Le crisi finanziare e la battaglia di un Senatore della Repubblica”) – August 2014 – Editor Graus.
  • He wrote the book “Sovereignty to the people: remedies and solutions for economic recovery” Vol. 1– August 2018 – Serena Publishing House.
  • He wrote the book “Nationalization of the Bank of Italy” (“Nazionalizzazione della Banca d’Italia) – November 2018.
  • He wrote the book “New Development Europe: an innovative work project for consumers, freelance professionals and businesses” – March 2019.