Sire S.R.L.

Born from the ten-year experience of the Commercial Accountant Vellucci and from the desire to offer more complete services that comply with market demands, SIRE is an entrepreneurial consultancy company that since 2000 has been providing customized consultancy solutions to companies and professionals. The offer of services covers the entire administrative-management area. The quality of the service provided, its level of customization and the consequent innovation made, have made SIRE the ideal partner for over 2000 Italian companies.

Casa Editrice Serena

The Serena Publishing House is a new reality in Viterbo in the publishing world and an ideal partner for those who want to publish a book.With us you can use an advanced Promotion service: we follow our authors during the presentations, we support those who publish with us at all times, we participate in national literary events, to offer visibility and space to our writers. Casa Editrice Serena specializes in bringing to the attention of the public little-known authors without placing heavy drawbacks on them for inclusion in the world of literature.

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The company, born from the best artisan tradition, is constantly evolving. The wealth of experience acquired over the years and the highly qualified staff allows us to follow our customers right from the product design. The equipment we have, from graphic design to the final product, allows us to carry out our projects in complete autonomy and very quickly.Mida Graphic Design is the communication professional who knows how to transform your corporate image. It offers personalized advertising and editorial graphics services, studied on your characteristics and capable of making a real difference to your business.


Twilia was born from the meeting of professionals with twenty years of experience in marketing, information technology and web graphics.We know that digital marketing is constantly evolving and it cannot be thought that digital marketing works without a strategy and without a working method. We use a variety of tools to help companies acquire visitors, generate leads, close sales and delight customers. By means of digital strategic planning we understand what the client’s activities are and how the client’s needs and objectives are carried out. Together with the client, we define a marketing plan identifying the key activities to be undertaken to bring the client’s business to success. Our main characteristics are the team, our experience and our professionalism. These are the three factors that led us to work with large companies such as the Maccaferri Industrial Group and SAMPSistemi S.p.a.

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Studio Pignatelli operates in the business, tax, accounting and commercial consultancy sector for companies, professionals, entities and individuals. Thanks to the solid experience acquired over the years, the Studio is able to provide a high quality, complete and highly professional service. Studio Pignatelli bases its work on a personal relationship of trust between the professional and the customer, maintaining protection as a primary objective. of the latter by providing specific assistance regarding tax, accounting, social security and administrative matters.


I am a lawyer who has decided to invest time and energy in the creation of a computerized, automated and functioning method to get my clients the compensation due to them for the inconvenience suffered by frequent airline errors. behind it a high percentage of successes. With serenity we can tell you that the formula offered by this site is one of the safest ways to request your compensation: try it to believe it.

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