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C.I.LP. Italia is an association consisting of a network of professionals specialized in the tax and legal fields.
The cooperation among our excellent professionals allows us to follow the citizen to 360 ° with specific and detailed advices.


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Family Law, Juvenile Law and family mediation

Many years of experience in the field of Family Law. In particular, the spouses are assisted in the process of judicial or consensual separation and dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage, also by offering a family mediation service, entrusted to experts, who accompany the spouses until reaching a separation agreement or the divorce.

Tax Law and disputes against Equitalia and the Agenzia delle Entrate (I.R.S).

Professionals and experts in the banking and tax sectors assist their clients in their defence, both in their adversarial dealings with offices, in litigation, and in the compulsory mediation process, in tax and tax disputes against Equitalia, the I.R.S and the various tax collection Agencies.

Labor and Social Security Law

You are assisted in the pre-litigation and judicial phase, in any type of dispute arising from employment relationships, para-subordinated or self-employed. Employers’ rights and interests are protected by providing advice and assistance. A full support service is also offered during the conciliation phase.

Company Law and assistance to companies

Business, corporate, administrative and accounting consulting and e-business area. The activity of guidance and assistance to the enterprises is then turned to support the enterprises in the ordinary activity of business management and in the moment of their strategic and organizational choices (with particular attention also to the writing of plans finalized to the attainment of objectives of business).

Lease and condo disputes

We offer our expertise in the protection of clients in the disputes related to the matters of rental and condominium law, both in the out-of-court phase, and in the subsequent mediation process, litigation and forced release procedure of the property.

Administrative Law and itizenship, procurement, environment and urban planning. Local Authority Law.

Specialized lawyers in appeals against any administrative act and in drawing up pension and public service appeals to the Court of Auditors for members of the State Police, to the Financial Guard and the Armed Forces. In addition, assistance is provided for the acquisition of Italian citizenship. In addition, there is the activity all over Italy, assisting Public Administrations (Contracting Stations, Public Bodies and Bodies of public law in general) and Enterprises both in out-of-court phase (inter alia, in the course of proceedings for the amicable agreement) and judicial phase (before the Civil and Administrative Court and in the context of arbitration), in the following areas:

  • Public works, services and supply contracts (operating both at the tendering stage and at the subsequent stage of performance of the contract, moreover, providing assistance in respect of the “reserves”);
  • Competition law and public procurement;
  • Environmental law (with reference to all issues on waste, public water, atmospheric emissions and alternative energies);
  • Expropriations for public use;
  • Construction and urban planning;
  • Law of Local Authorities and public economic bodies;
  • Bankruptcy Law – the Pulcini group deals with corporate and bankruptcy litigation, assisting insolvent companies to better manage the company’s crisis, as well as in the process of restructuring companies’ debts. In addition, the creditor claims made in insolvency proceedings are protected.

Medical and professional responsibility in general

We provide advice and assistance to clients who have suffered damage resulting from professional responsibility. In particular, professionals in the sector have a long-standing competence in the protection of clients who have fallen victim to medical health responsibilities of private and public health establishments and/or professionals operating in health care sector.

Consumer protection at Corecom

Assistance is offered to private individuals in disputes against improper practices of the telephone companies in order to avoid litigation, both in first instance and in the next phase of appeal, also making transfers of invoices, reimbursements, etc., as well as offering protection to 360° for its client on the most correct solution to be undertaken.


Legal professionals in this area offer their assistance and advice in disputes in hereditary matters, from the phase of obligatory mediation until the eventual judicial phase. They also help their clients to define issues arising from succession through negotiation with their counterparts.

Compensation for damages and civil liability

The professionals are responsible for protecting the claims for compensation of customers who have suffered damage related to a patrimonial and a non-patrimonial nature, arising from contractual or non-contractual relationships.


We offer our professional contribution for the drafting and revision of agreements, contracts, private and public acts, protecting and accompanying the client both in the preparatory phase and in the subsequent stipulation.

Disputes concerning the Highway Code

Experience is available on litigation – both judicial and non – in the matter of violation of the Highway Code.

Criminal law

Assistance is provided in the field of corporate crimes, tax offenses and in general all crimes against the person and the pivate property.

FREE Patronage (Legal Aid)

C.I.LP. Italia includes among its professionals those who are allowed to carry out all the practices in civil, criminal and administrative matters in free legal aid for the poor who meet the legal requirements.

Reimbursement of flights

When an airplane is delayed or cancelled, we give you and your fellow travelers the possibility to have compensation that can cushion the inconvenience suffered by the delay or cancellation of the flight in three simple steps.


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