Innovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency of a property using Fabio Apicella’s 2019 State Incentives.



PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS TO ELECTRICALLY SUPPLY THE CONDOMINIUM USERS If a condominium system is installed, the energy produced by the solar panels can only be used to power the purely condominium type users: the lights of the corridors, the atrium, the exteriors and the cellars; any gates and electric doors, the lift, any shared use systems. Any excess energy can be stored and used later – through the on-site exchange system – but can never be used for the consumption of the individual apartments.PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM FOR THE INDIVIDUAL APARTMENTS OF A CONDOMINIUMIf the individual condominium wants to equip itself as a photovoltaic system, the energy produced by it will instead benefit only its housing nucleus and not to the users that are common to the whole structure. In this specific case, for those who purchase the photovoltaic system, it is advisable to classify their home by carrying all the thermal loads on the electricity, thus being able to exploit the energy produced by its system also to preheat the house with heat pumps, (air conditioners, induction plates for cooking food and heating heat pump water for sanitary water, for a minimum of 200 liters in an average family of three nuclei), using the boiler only in the event of very cold temperatures or sudden changes in “crazy” temperatures . The regulation of the heat pumps and the relative measures to optimize the energy produced leads to a truly interesting result in terms of energy savings up to eliminating the use of gas for domestic use.


PHOTOVOLTAIC FOR PRIVATE HOUSES AND VILLAS If it is the single house, home or villa that wants to be equipped with a photovoltaic system, the energy produced by it will feed all domestic users as in the case mentioned above for the individual apartments, with the difference that for the single houses, having available outdoor spaces, the panels can also be used for important absorption such as well motors or other important loads. PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY DIAGNOSIS INVERTER PREPARATION FOR ACCUMULATORS AND TAX BENEFITS IRPEF DEDUCTIONS AND “ZERO COST” FINANCING As regards purchase of solar panels is vital to make an “Energy Diagnosis”, both to know the history of electricity consumption, and to identify the internal temperature dispersions that we want to achieve in terms of comfort, to prevent heat or air dispersion fresh produced by electric heat pumps, too many or may remain re turned on to compensate for the lack of air set by our thermostat. In addition, our photovoltaic inverter is designed to integrate the storage batteries that can be installed even after a few years, having an energy monitoring that will allow us to understand with extreme precision the Correct “cutting” of the available storage system, to consequently reduce the energy component consumed by the withdrawal from the network in the night time slot, when there is no availability of photovoltaic production; this will allow us to have a self-consumption even up to 80% of energy that was previously purchased with the full load of taxes, VAT, excise duties, transport and other taxes that are included in the bill, directly proportionate to the purchase of energy raw material.

In addition, with a “zero cost” operation, by identifying the energy share cut in the bill by our photovoltaic system with extreme punctuality, it is possible to generate a financial installment equal to the energy cut with the tax deduction of 50% of the state having a zero balance! You got it right!!! The photovoltaic operation pays for itself and there will be a return on investment calculated even in 5 years, which will subsequently translate into an economic advantage of up to 30 years of energy yield. POWER QUALITY E-POWER FILTER SOLUTION Power Quality (quality of the electrical power) is characterized by disturbances in the power supply, aggravated by the ever increasing use of electronic equipment, and which include both very common transient and stationary events such as: short and long interruptions, micro-interruptions and voltage dips, overvoltages and impulse overcurrents, harmonics and current and voltage imbalances, flickers, etc … A recent study (Leonardo ENERGY) conducted in 8 countries on 16 different industrial sectors has concluded that the cost of low power quality is almost 4% of turnover.Our E-Power filter system is able to reduce (and for some types of eliminate) disturbance phenomena on the sensitive components of the system, reducing the susceptibility and increasing the degree of reliability of the entire system, thanks to the lower deterioration of the equipment and the reduction of maintenance interventions. The E-Power system is recommended both for protecting our loads from national grid, that that produced by our photovoltaic system, (also our photovoltaic system uses an inverter to transform the electricity from continuous to alternating), helping to protect the network of loads that are connected to our electrical outlet, just think of the washing machines, LED systems, air conditioners, PCs, transformers, alarms etc …, all these users are very sensitive to power surges, the latter always causing the breakdown of the electronic boards present in all the users we use.


SANITARY HOT WATER As far as the production of domestic hot water is concerned, it is necessary to ensure that the production of water available daily for human use is generated with the use of heat pumps, therefore with electricity consumption to self-consume energy FREE produced by our photovoltaic system, therefore it is advisable to install heat pump boilers by estimating the amount of water needed for an entire family, in this way it is possible to eliminate the production of natural gas or LPG which certainly has a higher cost than electricity .CLIMATIZATION AND SOLUTION OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY BLECK BOX – EPSON METEO Regarding the production of ambient heat or refrigeration in summer, also in this case heat pumps will be used, (inverter air conditioners), programming the latest generation machines with a home automation system on the our smartphone, to anticipate or postpone the switching on and off but ntening the comfort temperature at home even when you are away for work, also optimizing consumption in this case. The Black Box project and the Epson Meteo Meteorological Center allows you to prevent and reduce Energy waste in Real Time in Continuous via Web with functions of Predictive Energy Analysis on Heating and Cooling Plants by eliminating the hours of operation of the NON-essential Plants. COAT AND THERMAL INSULATION / FIXTURE a villa by the sea or in the mountains starts from the primary principle of assessing the dispersions that may exist in a housing envelope. Firstly, a visual and documentary analysis of the property is carried out, followed by a more technical evaluation with thermographic tools and to calculate mathematically how severe the heat loss is, both of the walls and of the fixtures. After the prior technical report, the solutions of thermal insulation of the walls and ceilings by means of internal or external coatings will follow, and the evaluation of replacing the obsolete fixtures with fixtures with relative thermal break certification in order to preserve our housing shell from the heat input or fresh that we have generated. In particular, the energy class of the property must be established in order to then bring this data ever closer to Class A, the latter certifies that the property has an average consumption for everything, (electricity, air conditioning and domestic hot water), about 350-400 € / year.


We assume that wasting water is harmful both environmentally and for our pockets. The treatment of water with reverse osmosis systems or by micro filtration allows us to preserve both our water pipes, (removing the impurities harmful to water systems and air conditioning for those with radiators), and for human use, very therefore it is important to check the health of drinking water and it must be carried out by the provider or there is an obligation of verification also for the administrator, as supervisor of the condominium plants. With reference to Legislative Decree 31 of 2001 , an analysis must be carried out, checking all the water parameters, and if the analyzes are found to be non-compliant by virtue of Legislative Decree 31/2001, the filtration solutions will be specifically added to make the water drinkable through the hoc. In order to facilitate the transport of bottled water, taps can be placed inside each apartment or in the condominium to avoid the transport of very heavy cases of water, but above all we can make our drinking water sparkling or smooth according to taste . Regardless of everything, however, the onset of salmonellosis or other harmful bacteria to human use will also be avoided by simply using water to wash the fruit or simply from our shower, blocking harmful bacteria to our body directly upstream of the water system , With protection of water from any possible damage to our body.


AIR QUALITY PROJECT MONITORING AND PLANT DESIGN UTILITY The idea developed by BLACK BOX Green is to continuously monitor online the level of the main pollutants present in the air with sensors at low cost, but of the highest level: Pollutants from monitor on the outside air are: a) NO2b) SO2c) COd) fine dust PM10, PM2.5e) O3 Once monitored, the incoming air passes through the various sections of the AHU (Air Treatment Unit), including that of filtration and before being released into the environment, it is monitored again to ascertain its post-treatment characteristics. Purifying the air in our rooms will make us more active for the healthy supply of oxygen that our body requires!


In the Energy consultancy that I normally carry out, I also deal with systems at the industrial level to optimize all industrial process systems both as regards the optimization and supply of energy, and for the systems for monitoring industrial processes, implementing those systems that serve to predict plant breakdowns and the consequent blocking of production lines which in an energy industry causes significant economic damage over time. With offices in Italy and Silicon Valley it is an Ecosystem focused on the Internet of Things dedicated to Industry 4.0, equipped with a wide and modular perimeter of Capabilities Through privileged access to state-of-the-art know-how and technologies, it is able to conceive and propose IOT solutions that increase the competitiveness of its customers It responds to the need of companies to interface with a single interlocutor in the adoption of specific IOT solutions for Industry, complete, high value hours added and sustainable.


P. Industriale Fabio Apicella

Energy Manager & Consulente Energetico Italia


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