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C.I.LP. Italia is an association consisting of a network of professionals specialized in the tax and legal fields.
The cooperation among our excellent professionals allows us to follow the citizen to 360 ° with specific and detailed advice.

Once registered with the association, our accountants will be at your disposal, with a free first consultation.



Main Activities
  • Tax advice and response to individual tax related questions
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Entratel telematic services
  • Assistance in tax audits
  • National and international tax strategies
  • Inheritance practices
Services Provided
  • Tax returns
  • Investigations
  • Revenue Agency Consulting
  • Tax representation advice and assistance
  • Contract consultancy
  • Corporate consultancy
  • Tax advice
  • Labor consultancy feasibility studies, business plans, budgets
  • Annual reports and financial statements
  • Extraordinary operations and generational transfers
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll keeping
  • Assistance as Technical Advisor of a Party (CTU in Tribunal)
  • Study and drafting of statutes, and special clauses among the members
Extrajudicial and judical phase
  • Diritto societario
  • Diritto della costituzione dell’impresa (compresi aspetti tributari e di bilancio)
  • Diritto tributario
  • Successione delle imprese
  • Diritto successorio e diritto tributario successorio
  • Diritto concorsuale
  • Diritto commerciale
  • Diritto fallimentare
  • Diritto bancario
  • Contratti di locazione ed affitto

The services are offered for all the practices of assistance in the litigation and pre-litigation phase, in the management of A.D.E.R. (previous: Equitalia), in the risk assessment and bank analysis (also for the purpose of assessing wether or not the requirements for Anatocism are applicable), in the management analysis and control, in the management of internal and external corporate controls (including the statutory audit of the accounts), in extraordinary M / A operations and in all corporate restructuring operations.


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The registered consumer will have access to training and information services of the highest profile, thanks to the wide and professional selection of professionals that C.I.LP. Italia implements. The citizen will be facilitated in finding the most suitable professional for his needs. Our Association guarantees the highest quality of all professionals registered with C.I.LP. Italia.
The associated company will have the opportunity to receive advertising and visibility on the national portal of C.I.LP. Italia and to be identified as qualified partners of C.I.LP. Italia Aps. You may also receive a full range of consultancy service. Finally, the company may receive support in order to find subsidized loans.