11, 12, 13 October 2019 “Between the lines … I’ll be there


Dear friends Good morning we all remind you of an important event: on Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October 2019, at the Botanical Garden of Rome L.go Cristina of Sweden 23 / a, the event will be held: “Between the lines” ¦ I will be there! “ť Literary café with emerging authors.

The lawyer Antonio Pulcini, President of CILP Italia, will participate both as a writer and as president of CILP ITALIA.
We also remind you that all new members” FREELANCE PROFESSIONALS “and” COMPANIES “at CILP ITALIA will have the books “Sovereignty to the people: remedies and solutions for economic recovery – Vol. 1” and “Sovereignty to the people: history of capitalist strategies for an Italian new deal – Vol. 2 ” for free.

Find out how to join the promotion by clicking here.

Otherwise, the books can be purchased in all the major national circuits: Mondadori, Feltrinelli, IBS, Amazon and at the Serena publishing house.